A Safe, Clean and Active space for you and your children.
The easiest place to be physically active, socially interactive and safely entertained.

“This is an incredibly fun, kid safe environment. The staff are friendly and caring. The facility is always clean. Our children always make new friends with every visit and create fun memories!”


“We are from Des Moines Iowa on vacation with our grandchildren when we found you guys and brought them over here to play. They had a blast and met new friends and played together. The prices are awesome and knowing the day pass meant they could come back in the evening before going to our home away from home was even better. Thanks for the awesome experience.”

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Our Vision

 Cultivate a community of positivity and support for our children and their caregivers. They say it takes a village; we are a part of that village.

Our Values

Support Each OtherOutside In is for us all to find and deepen a support system. Bring your Mom’s groups or church groups or whatever groups and use our space to gather.

Be Kind – When you see that parent whose toddler is having a meltdown, support that person. We are all that person. We all have our own battles. Be kind and offer a hand.

Actively Engage – We made this for adults, too. It’s easy to become distracted today; we encourage you to play right along-side your little ones. There is no laundry to be done or kitchen to clean here. Go. Play with them. They are only little for a little while, after all.

Owners Kelsey and Taryn