Silicone Teething Necklace – Bitty Bites


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Bitty Bites Necklaces are a Quinn & Lane BEST SELLER! Teething babies love the bright colors, awesome shapes and smooth texture of the beads for chewing!

What’s unique about Quinn & Lane Necklaces? Silicone beads are placed only where you need them (in the front where baby can grab and chew) instead of all the way around. Making these necklaces super lightweight, and eliminating silicone beads around the back of your neck where they can catch and pull on your hair! Strung on a super soft silk cord with a smooth lightweight breakaway clasp, which if pulled on too hard, is designed to break away from the neck (preventing strangulation) without spilling any beads!

Each necklace measures approx 32″ – 36″ long and designed to be worn by mom only. This allows for plently of “hang” so baby can reach the necklace to chew & play with it (while mom is wearing it).


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