Kid-Safe Fleece Headphone – Variety of Options


SKU: kid-safe-fleece-headphone---variety-of-options

PicassoTiles® 85dB Kid Safe Volume Limiting Fleece Headphone



– VOLUME LIMITING TECHNOLOGY to ensure your child’s safety. To protect from hearing damage and early hearing loss, the built-in volume-controlled circuitry in PTM272 ensures the sound is within 90 dB levels which is the recommended safe level for young children’s eardrums and inner ear.

– Also functions as a sleep mask. When your little one is in the car and the sun is too bright, they can simply pull the headband down to protect their eyes from the blinding sun and enjoy the music at the same time.

– Manufactured by a high-quality toxic-free material with the highest standards to ensure the safety of the children.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.


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