Our Story

It has been said that our generation is “wealthier” than any other time in history. That might be true, however, we strongly believe there is a difference between “well-off” and “well-being.”

We understand all of life’s demands on your time; we too are working parents or caregivers.  Finding moments to spend with those who matter most is all about balance and making space for meaningful interactions.  We recognized the need for a year-round community centered play space in the Black Hills and committed to bringing it to life.

Outside In – Children’s Indoor Playground will be an escape into a world of adventure and imagination. It’s an environment created so that children and adults can truly be present and cherish every moment. Through this space, we want to help you build a support network. We want to provide social opportunities so you no longer have to choose between finding and nurturing friendships and being with your children.  As families, parents, friends, neighbors … let’s find one another and build relationships to benefit the community.

We know in order to make Outside In successful, we have to care the most. And we promise we do. The impact of our mission and vision has tapped reserves of energy, determination and courage we didn’t know we had.

When you work toward things that inspire you, you’re filled with undeniable purpose.

We can’t wait for you to join us.


Taryn and Kelsey and families

Taryn, Travis, Wylie and Weston
Kelsey and Nicholas